Why Global Marketing… Why Today?

As a senior studying International Business and Marketing at The University of Tampa, I will graduate this December and hope to pursue a career in global marketing. In order to better prepare myself for the so-called “real world,” I thought it would be wise to document my experiences, studies and lessons learned along the last lap of my race to the undergrad finish line. I also wanted to have a lot of fun diving into an area that I find interesting and extremely important.

The goal of this blog is to understand the research and planning involving the marketing mix for specific countries and across international markets. Posts are intended to see how the marketing of products, services and companies as a whole are affected by different internal and external environmental factors. I want to explore marketing and business practices in other countries and see how different aspects of culture influence the decisions surrounding product, price, promotion and distribution. As our world gets smaller, it is important to understand how international marketing fits in with the overall business plan and helps achieve success.

I hope to make something that others may find useful in the future, and encourage any feedback, discussions or suggestions.


Kristen Anderson

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