Online Interviews

Below are several online interviews with academics and professionals discussing their views on Global Marketing.

Professor Peter Golder from Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business Discusses Global Marketing. He stresses the importance of meeting the needs of your customers on a global basis. He discusses his personal experience living and working in China and his views on marketing in the country. Golder also highlights the opportunity available for students wanting to study and work in global marketing.

This video interview has Tuck Professor Praveen K. Kopalle discussing Pricing and New Products from a global perspective. As two important elements in the marketing mix, Kopalle discusses the strategy surrounding setting prices and introducing a product to a new market. He touches on the importance of having a global mindset and gives some useful advice to students studying global marketing and international business.

Roasabeth Moss Kanter, from PRSmith Marketing, gives her views on global brands. Her every-day experience working in marketing helps her provide examples of how the impact of globalization affects marketing practices and organizations as a whole.

This video comes from the International Advertising Association’s 2010 Global Marketing Summit in New York City. The film includes the opinions of global marketers and advertisers from some of the world’s largest corporations and brands, such as Google, CNN, ESPN and Bloomberg Businessweek. These professionals discuss and debate the “new normal,” and how the promotional strategy  involved in marketing is expanding and ever-changing on a global scale.


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